Gestion des risques structure


Les acquis de cet enseignement sont indispensables à la bonne compréhension du cours de béton armé et précontraint.

The Eurocode system has been established to ensure safety, serviceability, and durability of structures. EN 1990 “Basis of Structural Design” – the head code – introduces concepts for achieving these goals, presenting the notion of reliability management and recognizing the importance of a safe while economic structure. According to his / her expertise, a designer can select the appropriate levels of reliability. This is a general approach that provides space for improvements and optimizations from further research in the field of structural engineering.

The objective of this short course is twofold:

  • The basic notions which EN 1990 code is built on are introduced to highlight the general philosophy of the Eurocode system.

  • The main concepts of plasticity and yield design are introduced to illustrate how a design can accommodate non.elastic behaviors.

Learning outcomes

After this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamental socio.economic goals of the Eurocode system

  • Understand the basic scientific and technical concepts derived in the Eurocode system

  • Design structures with non.elastic behaviors

  • Manage reliability in a structural design process

  • Define where and when further research in structural engineering is key for maintaining the Eurocode system.